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Levi, Ray and Shoup, Inc. (LRS)
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Matt Dondanville
Adam Narup
Brian-Thomas Rogers
Joshua Smith



The Ninjaneers FIRST Team 4156, started in 2012 in Springfield, IL. With 4 members, 3 mentors, and 1 sponsor. We now have 15 members, 4 mentors, and 3 sponsors.


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Mission Statement

“To provide students with the knowledge and understanding of STEM and its application towards FIRST robotics while creating a nurturing environment for learning, growth, and building relationships.”

The focus of our mission as team 4156, the Ninjaneers, is to foster an environment for learning and the pursuit of intelligence. We will focus our learning on STEM based fields, Gracious Professionalism TM , and Coopertition TM. Our team will take a multi-step approach to achieve our goals and use the support of LRS, Simplex, and the University of Illinois Springfield to achieve our mission.


FRC 2013 in St. Louis



FRC 2014 in St. Louis



FRC 2015 in Peoria



FRC 2016 in Peoria



FRC 2017 in Peoria



FRC 2018 in Peoria



The Ninjaneers FIRST Team 4156, started in 2012 in Springfield, IL. With 4 members, 3 mentors, and 1 sponsor. We now have 15 members, 4 mentors, and 3 sponsors.

Our students from the high-school community have continuously shown that working with FIRST Robotics pays dividends in the long run. Several of the students from our team have gone to universities seeking degrees in engineering, robotics, computer science, and mathematics. The schools they now attend include the University of Illinois Springfield, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, University of Illinois – Champaign, Brown University, and several others.

Our mentors and sponsors have been able to work together to ensure growth on both sides. Several of our UIS students have entered the work force because of the teamwork that we have shared with local companies such as Simplex and State Farm.

Throughout the 6 years of Team 4156 competing at the FIRST Robotics level we have been able to place as high as second in our regional. This proves that our hard work and dedication is paying off and we are heading in the right direction. We are continuously looking for more support to help us make an appearance at the national stage.

“The project was an amazing opportunity to expand my knowledge of robotics. Learning about the technology and recourses used to create the robot led to me choosing a career path in engineering.”

Matthew Richey
Former Team Member

Student at Bradley University

“FIRST Robotics is a unique experience in that the students are involved with the entire life cycle of a robotics company. Students are able to work on all aspects, including HR, Marketing, Design, Maintenance, Development, Testing, and more.”

Joshua Smith

“FRC has given me the opportunity to take my interest in robotics and engineering and apply it in a team-based competitive environment”

Adam Skowronski
team member

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Our Awesome Team

Our mentors are all based in the Springfield area and bring a plethera of knowledge to the table. We are always looking to gain more mentors that are willing to donate their time and help enrich the lives of our youth.


Matthew Dondanville

GIS Specialist & UAS Pilot

I love working in the Geospatial industry. The drive to introduce new technology and ways of thinking into a historic 2D world presents daily challenges that drive me to find solutions. Identifying how current workflows are being preformed and what we can do to make them more accurate or more efficient allows me to provide technical problem solving to various projects.


Adam Narup

Mechanical Engineer

An Electrical Engineer with a Mechanical mind. I specialize in project design and management, industrial control and the design and implementation of unique ideas to solve complex challenges.


Brian-Thomas Rogers

Instructor at University of Illinois Springfield

I graduated at the University of Illinois at Springfield. I am a software engineer that is also passionate about computer security. My main teaching focus is with algorithm design and analysis.


Joshua Smith

Instructor at University of Illinois at Springfield

An accomplished Software Engineer specializing in Object-Oriented Design and Analysis with experience in the full life cycle of the software design process including requirements definition, prototyping, proof of concept, design, interface implementation, testing and maintenance.







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